Erica Johnson-Seck, a master robo-signer at OneWest is a busy, busy lady. She serves as a double-agent signing documents from MERS, the FDIC, and the non-existent IndyMac over to OneWest or one of its cohorts, like US Bank National Association. Many judges, like New Jersey Supreme Court Judge Schack have had just about enough of Mrs. Johnson-Seck and have begun to decide cases in favor of the homeowner just to drive the point home. Check out Mrs. Johnson-Seck's deposition where she describes in great detail how the fraud is perpetrated.

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Robo-Signers 'R Us

There are thousands of robo-signers working around the clock to keep the foreclosure mills alive and well. If you're challenging your lender's fraudulent foreclosure, you'll do well to search your documents for the name of well-known robo-signers. Here is a partial list to get you started. At the end of the list, you'll find a few helpful blogs that may help you take your research further.

If you’ve been researching the various methods used by lenders conducting mortgage fraud, then you are very likely aware of the term “robo-signer”.  A robo-signer is an individual who helps the lender perpetrate massive levels of fraud by quickly signing their name or the name of another on documents used in the foreclosure process without regard to the accuracy of the information contained on the document.

Many robo-signers claim to work at several companies simultaneously and hold a variety of positions and levels of authority. Many companies like Lender Processing Services employed large numbers of robo-signers including high school student s to pose as bank vice presidents and authorized signatories. A very informative segment on the robo-signers known as “Linda Green” were featured on a segment of 60 Minutes.

The robo-signing scheme allows the foreclosure process to move so quickly that delinquent homeowners are forced from their homes before they fully understand what is happening to them. Robo-signers are given the charge to get delinquent borrowers out of the home by any means necessary including fabricating documents, backdating documents and using robo-notaries to certify fraudulent records.

OneWest Bank, Countrywide, Bank of America and Wells Fargo are some of the lending institutions who have garnered the reputation of being notorious for using robo-signers. They each have set up sophisticated networks that include document processing companies like Lender Processing Services or default servicing companies like National Default Servicing Corporation, Regional Trustee Services or Meridian Foreclosure Service. Title companies like LSI Title and Ticor Title have even jumped on this money train. Each one of these entities adapts some practice to help the lender do fast foreclosures.

Many courts are beginning to take a stand against the use of fraudulent, robo-signed documents in foreclosure cases. The publicity surrounding master robo-signers like Linda Green, Erica Johnson-Seck and Brian Burnett have made it much easier for homeowners to identify fraud in their loan documents. New Jersey’s Supreme Court Judge Scheck decided with the homeowner in several cases involving robo-signer, Erica Johnson-Seck.

Robo-signer research is easy to do at your county clerk’s office. Simply choose an entity to research “by name” and look at a random sampling of 25-50 documents. You will notice on any given day, that the same person signed hundreds of documents, sometimes under different job titles and frequently for different lenders. You may also notice several other irregularities including:

  • Variations in the style and spelling in the signature
  • Back-dating of documents
  • Incorrect assignees
  • Incorrect party notarization
  • Missing information and more…

If you are unable to get to your county clerk’s office, search the records of a nearby county or state that allows property record documents to be viewed online. When you find documents that contain the signatures of individuals who are also on your loan documents, print them out and organize them. When you identify a pattern, take your information to legal aid or a reputable foreclosure attorney for help.

Many robo-signers like OneWest’s JC San Pedro and Amy Lynn Smith are also robo-notaries who sign documents for other robo-signers on their team like Brian Burnett. In the deposition of Erica Johnson-Seck, a OneWest robo-signer, she describes an assembly line process in which she would sign stacks of documents spending no more than 30 seconds on each and then drop them off to a desk where a notary would repeat a similar robo-signing ritual. At no time were documents signed in the presence of the notary.

The entire fraudclosure process is intended to be so confusing that even experienced attorneys can’t unravel it. It’s your job to stay organized as you conduct your research so that the pieces of your mortgage fraud puzzle can be put together easily. You can use a chart similar to this one to help you present your details in an organized format.
As more cases featuring robo-signers are decided in favor of the homeowner, the easier it will be for you to hold your lender accountable.

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Signed and sworn before WHO??
Robo-Notaries are an essential element to the foreclosure fraud being perpetrated around the country.